Wednesday, November 7, 2012,sorry..

If my time would end today would I be ready to go?
And leave all the things I’ve worked so hard for
And all my friends and everyone I’ve known?
Never did I ever stop for a moment to think
Of what’s staring at me
I’ve been breaking all the mirrors of reality
I’m so sorry, if only I had just one last chance
I’m so sorry, but now it’s too late to change the past,

You take everythings from me,
but You give me more than everythings that You taken,
how much i thankful to You??
forgive me Ya Rabb...
i'm not the one whose save the ISLAM,
i'm not the one whose save others people out there,
i'm not the one whose really care about others muslim in syria,palestin..
give me chance to change everthings,
i need Your help
it's HARD than expected

i'm so sorry...


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